EcoChim Platform

The EcoChim Platform specializes in the bio-geo-chemical characterization of complex environmental matrices (soil, plants, gas, animal tissues, water) of continental systems.


OSUR's EcoChimie (EcoChim) platform is an analytical resource center dedicated to the quantification of some inorganic molecules and the assays/profiling of complex organic molecules (e.g. pesticides, metabolites). Our objective is to characterize environmental matrices and the activity of organisms associated with them (e.g. soil, gas, plant, animal measurements, etc.) in continental ecosystems. This structure is open to all researchers from University of Rennes research units, to research institutions and, subject to availability, to private partners.

Link to Intranet :

Team and missions

Scientific Manager: Sébastien Gogo
Technical Advisor: Nathalie Le Bris

The technical team is made up of three analysts: Marion Chorin, Nathalie Le Bris and Frédérique Pallois.
Financial management is coordinated by Valérie Briand (ECOBIO), Mariette Nivard (ECOBIO) and Sandrine Nogues (OSUR).

The missions of the technical team:

  • Involvement in projects: from experimental design to scientific valorization
  • User training
  • Maintenance and control of analytical devices
  • Definition of the specifications for the acquisition of new equipments
  • Technology survey and participation in methodological development

Operating mode

The EcoChim Platform offers analysis of samples either in the context of active participation in research projects or as external services. It can also offer provision of part of its analytical tools for specific collaborative research projects.


Any request (analysis or analytical tool provision) must be made to ecochim-teamatlistes [dot] univ-rennes [dot] fr via the

analysis request - (129.18 KB)


A quote is made upon receipt of the request.

After validation, the applicant must contact the platform in order to be redirected to an analyst to jointly define the analytical (storage, transport, packaging of samples, etc.) and organizational (planning, training, reservation of devices, etc.) procedures.

More specifically, in the context of a collaboration requiring the provision of an analytical tool, the user must be trained by a platform analyst in order to obtain an authorization allowing him to work independently.

The devices must then be booked via Platform Manager :

PM-EcoChim User Manual - (653.63 KB)


Any user of the EcoChim Platform must read the

EcoChim rules of procedure - (123.59 KB)

and comply with their terms.

Steering Committee

Missions :

  • Ensure the link between the research themes of the research unit and the platform
  • Validate the budget
  • Choose methodological developments
  • Propose the acquisition of new equipments
  • Schedule analyses if needed

Composition :

S. GOGO  EcoChim Plateform (Scientific Manager)
N. LE BRIS EcoChim Plateform (Technical Advisor)
M. CHORIN EcoChim Plateform
F. PALLOIS EcoChim Plateform
D.RENAULT / C. WIEGAND Représentatives of the theme Ecostress
F. BINET / A. LAVERMAN Représentatives of the theme Ecofun
C. LE LANN / C. PISCART Représentatives of the theme Paysabio