EcoStress-Ecotox Theme

Resilience and adaptation capacity of organisms to environmental constraints and implications for their ecology

Research within the EcoStress-EcoTox theme

EcoStress-EcoTox groups research subjects that take into account the effects of the variability of environmental stresses and the exposome (e.g. the totality of exposures to environmental factors) on the ecophysiology of organisms. To cope with environmental constraints, the behavioural, phenotypic, physiological and molecular responses, and the level of flexibility of these responses, constitute key elements of the plasticity and tolerance of plants, animals and microorganisms to environmental changes. The research carried out in the EcoStress-EcoTox theme will allow a better understanding of the resilience capacity of ecosystems by deciphering the capacities of organisms to cope with environmental constraints and stresses (resistance and tolerance) and the implications on their ecology. Two main axes, "Environmental Stressors" and "Environmental Contaminants" are developed