Ingénieur d'études

CNRS laboratory, UMR6553 ECOBIO

Université de Rennes, Campus de Beaulieu, bat 14A

263 Avenue du Général Leclerc


Rennes 35042


Email : emmanuel [dot] clostres [at] univ-rennes [dot] fr

Office number : 027


From 01/2022 to 01/2023

In silico analysis of the involvement of plant microRNAs in the regulation of rhizomicrobiota

Collaborative project between Groupe Roullier and UMR ECOBIO to develop sustainable strategies for soil fertilization and/or crop protection.


Funded by France Relance and Groupe Roullier



Supervisor : Abdelhak El Amrani
Collaborators : Mustapha Arkoun, Cécile Monard, Davoud Farajzadeh and Virginie Daburon



From 04/2018 to 07/2018

Characterization of bacterial communities in iron-rich microbial mats of groundwater in French Brittany

This project is part of Lorine Bethencourt's thesis consisting of a broader analysis of aquifer sampling, metagenomic sequencing and genomic assemblies, in order to characterize the diversity of microorganisms, the functions they perform and their role in the biogeochemical processes of crystalline aquifers.


Funded by EC2CO ADAMO (Ecosphère Continentale et Côtière ; Abondance, Diversité et Activité des Micro-organismes Oxydant le fer dans les aquifères: rôle dans le fonctionnement biogéochimique de l'eau souterraine)


Supervisors : Achim Quaiser and Alexis Dufresne
Collaborators : Lorine Bethencourt and Julien Farasin



H. Middleton, C. Monard, V. Daburon, E. Clostres, J. Tremblay, E. Yergeau and A. El Amrani. 2022. Plants release miRNAs in the rhizosphere, targeting microbial genes. bioRxiv. doi:10.1101/2022.07.26.501597


- align2cdsRegions a python tool that adds to input alignments (e.g. blast), the regions where queries match on subjects, as well as the distance, coordinates and ID of the CDS/genes nearest to them