Yuanjie LI


Laboratoire ECOBIO_ UMR 6553 UR-CNRS

Université de Rennes, Campus de Beaulieu, bat 14A

263 Avenue du Général Leclerc


Rennes 35042


Courriel : yuanjie [dot] li [at] etudiant [dot] univ-rennes [dot] fr

Impact of climate change on aphid communities in France and China: physiological and molecular responses to temperature


Directeur : Hervé COLINET (herve [dot] colinetatuniv-rennes1 [dot] fr)

Co-directeur : Chun Sen MA (machunsenatcaas [dot] cn)

Co-encadrant : David Renault (david [dot] renaultatuniv-rennes1 [dot] fr)

Starting date of PhD: 01/10/2020

The cereal aphid guild includes the same three species in Brittany and China. Field studies carried out over recent years in Brittany and China show variations in cereal aphid communities and the gradual replacement of the dominant species (Sitobion avenae) by other species whose degree of nuisance is still poorly known. The general hypothesis of my PhD work is that these phenomena could be closely linked to current climate change that would act in a non-uniform way on the species concerned. Indeed, if the species present in the guild have different levels of thermotolerance, then this would lead to these community modification phenomena, as has already been observed in other groups. The comparison of the thermal responses and molecular responses to stress of aphids between the two countries will allow a better understanding and prediction of the evolution of the situation and therefore a better definition of the control methods in China and Brittany.